Pay Per Click


Pay Per Click

Advertising your services or products on the Internet is both extremely effective and extremely competitive. There are several ways to go about attracting traffic to your website; Pay-Per-Click is one of the options you can choose from,ppc company in noida, along with developing an SEO, or search engine optimization campaign. Both pay-per-click and SEO are targeted to get your website placed as close to the top of search engine results as possible.

Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search Marketing is definitively a thriving environment. In the INDIA, like all over the world, paid search marketing is growing in a spectacular manner. It had a blistering growth rate last year and the expectations are to have unfathomable growth this year. Why is it so popular; because you can reach people when they are actively looking for information about your products and services online, and send targeted visitors directly to what you are offering.

Advertise to the right people at right place with right platform – that’s our PPC strategy.

  • Google Account set up

  • Keyword analysis

  • New Campaign set up

  • Restructuring existing campaigns

  • PPC Bid Management

  • Managing & optimizing campaigns for maximum returns

  • Building remarketing campaigns& measuring impact

  • Conversion Tracking through advanced techniques