School ERP Solution

school erp

Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, has simplified school management by interlinking and integrating all activities across departments. Besides, connecting all school stakeholders on a single platform, this school management tool helps in making the teaching-learning process more effective and meaningful. This kenil network provides more insights into the ERP solution. ERP as its name suggest is not only software to but also a planning tool that will suggest you the best way to do the same task in a better way. SAS- A School ERP is a system that is focused for making the school management process more effective, more efficient. It is focused to provide an integrated picture of all the resources of school which can be maintained with the help of less manpower in short period of time. It is focused to manage all the resources of school in such a way so that influence of one resource reflects in others. SAS- A School ERP is the software that can enable and streamline the process starting from pre-admission of students till their alumni and helping the institute to become the leaders.

Settings students module student Attendance Staff module Staff Attendance

Free Module Transport module CCE Exam Gate pass SMS

School ERP Modules

  • Student Registration

  • Student Admission

  • Student Attendance

  • Staff Attendance

  • Fee Module

  • Transport

  • CCE Exams

  • SMS Module

  • Gate Pass

  • Library Module

  • Payroll

  • Stock Module

  • Time Table

  • Student Parent Dashboard